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Wedding Cakes

Wedding Cakes

Are you ready to plan your wedding and are seeking the perfect wedding cake?

It’s your big day, make it even more special with a cake from Perfect Cakes! Whether you want a traditional or modern design, cupcakes or a tiered cake, we will help you with the design so that it is perfect.

We offer design advice, cake tastings, delivery to, and set-up of your cake at your wedding venue.

Please note, our wedding cake collection is not available to order online . Images of wedding cake collection are photographs of unique cake designs created by Perfect Cakes for our valuable clients to get an idea. 


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  1. Garden Rose Ruffles Wedding Cake
  2. Happily Ever After Wedding Cake
  3. Bride and Groom Love Cake
  4. White Pearls Engagement Cake
  5. Wild Roses Cascade Wedding Cake
  6. Ruby Rose Wedding Cake

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