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Chocolate Explosion Gift Box

  • $140.00
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This captivating creation is more than a gift; it`s a symphony of emotions and flavours carefully curated to express the depths of affection and passion. 

Unveil the layers of this magical box to reveal an exquisite selection of 20 chocolates that embody the essence of love in its various forms.
Magical Love explosion box`s layers includes 20 chocolates:

  • 4  x  Cadbury Milk Chocolate Block
  • 1  x  Cadbury Cherry Bite Chocolate pack
  • 1  X  Cadbury Twirl Chocolate Bites pack
  • 2  x  M & M Milk Chocolate  Share bag
  • 2  x  Four Bar Kit Kat Chocolate
  • 2  x  Kinder Chocolate 4 treats 50 g
  • 2  x  Cadbury Diary Milk Freddo 12 g
  • 2  x  Whittaker's Almond Gold
  • 4  x  Ferrero Rocher

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